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Awesome Garden Hose Hanger

POLE/HOSE HANGERLike the title says, this is one awesome garden hose hanger!  Why, you ask?  Well, first of all it’s blue!  No, just kidding…..but seriously, it’s heavy duty commercial type quality great for the heaviest of the heaviest garden hoses.  It’s made with some serious plastic and stainless steel that is guaranteed to hold up to any kind of beating you can give it.  If you’re looking for garden hose storage at a great price, you might want to give this one a looksy.  Check it out and tell em Garden Hose Hanger sent ya! Read the rest of this entry

Garden Hose Hanger by Ames

Ames True Temper 2388100 65-Feet Cassette Hose King Reel

Ames is well known for a great garden hose hanger.  When you’re looking for quality at a price you can afford, look no further.  This particular model of garden hose hanger is exceptional and might I say durable.  It’ll last you a lifetime for sure.  It’s compact and very easy to move around from place to place if that’s what you require.   You do have the option to mount it on the wall if you like, as well.  So, it’s totally versatile to say the least.  It’s a great garden hose storage option. Read the rest of this entry

50 Ft. X 3/8Yes, we know this is not a garden hose hanger, but it goes along with one quite nicely we must say!  A coiled garden hose is as we’ve said a thousand times, the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s a garden hose that doesn’t kink and we think for sure you’ll love it.  If you are looking for garden hose alternatives, then you absolutely must check this out.  Check out our other posts for garden hose hangers and garden hose storage options. Read the rest of this entry

Garden Hose Remedies

Garden Hose HangerChances are if you a gardener or even if you are not, you’re one day going to realize that you need a garden hose hanger.  Read the article below to find out all about your garden hose storage options.

If you’re a homeowner with a yard, you probably have a garden hose lying coiled somewhere in the yard like a snake waiting to attack.

If you’re like me, you either have tried or inherited various garden hose storage methods. My house came with two very unattractive garden hose holders screwed to the front and back of the house. I mean it when I say they were hideous. It might not have been so bad if some attempt had been made to hide them behind the plants or bushes around the house. But, no, they stood out proudly above everything around them. Okay, I’ll admit they bothered me enough to remove them and let my garden hose coil on the ground. Sadly, that was an improvement! Read the rest of this entry

Ames True Temper Decorative Free Standing Metal Hose Hanger #2392100

Another great garden hose hanger.  This particular model is the free standing kind.  I like it because you can just stick in the ground anywhere you please and it’s good to go, comes with a spike and everything.  Another great feature of this garden hose storage device is that it’s rust resistant so you don’t have to worry about one little old rain storm making it look ugly.  Check it out below.

The Ames True Temper freestanding metal hose hanger has a decorative style and finish Read the rest of this entry