garden hose hangerYep, that’s right.  This article is about a garden hose hanger!  More specifically, a certain type of garden hose storage that is know as a garden hose pot.  Each and every spring, homeowners will pull out the trusty old garden hose to use throughout another long summer. It is definitely one piece of equipment that any green yard or garden cannot do without.

The problem that arises in many cases is: just where do you store your 50 or 100 foot hose?  Maybe a garden hose hanger, but what kind, right?

Those that are organized and respect the investment they have made in this trusty spring and summer device will probably have a sturdy hose reel placed next to the house so that it can be stored easily between uses.

For those that are looking for a more decorative method for storage, consider investing in a garden hose pot.

When researching the kinds of hose pots that are available commercially, you most likely will find that they can be made from a variety of materials. Copper garden hose pots are popular, but many cheaper models today are made of weather resistant fiberglass.

A good hose hanger or garden hose pot can usually store more than 100 feet of hose. On the side of the unit is a hole, which allows for a continuous connection to a faucet or spigot.

Like the garden hose reel, the garden hose pot sits on the ground, and can be partially hidden if so desired. They are especially useful for those homeowners that have an outdoor pool.

There are many varieties of pots available today. It is important to choose one that fits the outside look of your home.

For example, brick homeowners can easily choose a boldly colored one, such as burgundy or blue to compliment the outside appearance of their home.

Other models are made of decorative stonework or terra cotta to give the home or pool area a more classy or traditional look. If ceramic is your favorite, you’ll have no problem finding a ceramic hose pot in many colors to match that will match the exterior of your home.

Surprise your neighbors this year and add a touch of class to your home this summer by storing your hose in a garden hose hanger.

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Author: James P Martin
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