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Imagine for a moment, you found the key secrets that provide all the garden storage solutions that enable you to organize all your garden tools and supplies and even your garden hose hanger. How would that make you feel, pretty darn good, right? Continue reading this article to discover the key secrets, how shed designs and woodworking plans provide the little known tricks to end the clutter and organize your gardening stuff. Read the rest of this entry

decorative garden hose hangerWhen did I become interested in talking about garden hose hangers? It happened about the time my friend Dave told me I would be hearing from his lawyer. I was pretty sure he was kidding, but not completely sure. He had just come within inches of breaking his neck after tripping over a garden hose. Read the rest of this entry

If you don’t have a garden hose hanger you need to read this article.  The storage of garden tools in an organized and precise fashion not only helps keep them in good working order but also saves you a lot of time in locating them. If you don’t currently have a place to store your tools, a tool house 3×6 feet can take care of a great deal of equipment.

Because tools are usually kept in unlit places, and often not wiped Read the rest of this entry

garden hose hangerIf you are into gardening, which you most likely are and are wondering what type of garden hose hanger will best suit you and your needs, please read on below to find out more about this topic.

What kind of watering system do you use in your garden? Is it one of those latest sprinklers or drip systems? Or is it the good old garden hose? No matter how sophisticated the drip system might be, at times you need the garden hose to reach out to certain areas of the garden which are inaccessible by the sprinkler or the drip. The ideal watering system for a garden is the one which has a combination of both these. Read the rest of this entry

garden hose pot/hangerA garden hose hanger can be a lot of things to different people.  For instance, you might say you need a water hose hanger, but did you know that there are lots of other alternatives when it comes to garden hose storage?  Read on more below to find out about one of the neatest ways to store your garden hose, whether it’s a coiled garden hose or not, in a cool garden or water hose pot!  Who knew?

One of the most difficult things to store around the yard is garden hoses. Homeowners often try rolling up their hoses into a coil on the ground only to find it curling around in all directions. Not only does this look unsightly, it can also be a tripping hazard. Read the rest of this entry