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Imagine for a moment, you found the key secrets that provide all the garden storage solutions that enable you to organize all your garden tools and supplies and even your garden hose hanger. How would that make you feel, pretty darn good, right? Continue reading this article to discover the key secrets, how shed designs and woodworking plans provide the little known tricks to end the clutter and organize your gardening stuff. Read the rest of this entry

decorative garden hose hangerWhen did I become interested in talking about garden hose hangers? It happened about the time my friend Dave told me I would be hearing from his lawyer. I was pretty sure he was kidding, but not completely sure. He had just come within inches of breaking his neck after tripping over a garden hose. Read the rest of this entry

garden hose hangerIf you’re looking to get organized from the outside, a garden hose hanger is going to be a must!  There is an old-fashioned saying that goes something like “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Grandmothers everywhere have handed down those gems of knowledge to younger generations. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have to make an effort to be organized, than arranging for garden furniture storage may prove difficult for you. Read the rest of this entry

Decorative Garden Hose Hanger

Fancy Iron Garden Hose Holder Wall Hose Hanger ReelLooking for a decorative garden hose hanger?  You’ll probably like this one then.  It’s brand new of course and made of hard core iron…talk about durability and longevity.   It could very easily be considered a heavy duty commercial hose hanger as well and also a hose hanger bronze, although technically it is a rust color.  We’ve got the perfect hose hangers and reels on our site.  Scroll down to see the others if this one doesn’t interest you. Read the rest of this entry

Awesome Garden Hose Hanger

POLE/HOSE HANGERLike the title says, this is one awesome garden hose hanger!  Why, you ask?  Well, first of all it’s blue!  No, just kidding…..but seriously, it’s heavy duty commercial type quality great for the heaviest of the heaviest garden hoses.  It’s made with some serious plastic and stainless steel that is guaranteed to hold up to any kind of beating you can give it.  If you’re looking for garden hose storage at a great price, you might want to give this one a looksy.  Check it out and tell em Garden Hose Hanger sent ya! Read the rest of this entry