Magna-Hose 50' & 25' Coiled Hose Combo with Wire RackIf you’re looking for a garden hose that doesn’t kink, then this is your man!  Or woman?  Anyway, this baby is the king when it comes to not getting kinks.  It’s heavy duty and durable for sure, will withstand anything you throw at it…or anything that is thrown at it for that matter!  It’s got six pattern nozzles, easy mounting accessories and quick release connectors for faucet use.  Talk about flexibility!  And on top of that it’s a combo pack…’s go perfect with any of our wide assortment of a garden hose hanger!

50′ and 25′ Combo Coiled Hose
Includes: Wire rack/holder for both hoses, 2 – 6 pattern nozzles, anchors and screws for easy mounting, 2 — quick release connectors for faucet use