garden hose hangerIf you are into gardening, which you most likely are and are wondering what type of garden hose hanger will best suit you and your needs, please read on below to find out more about this topic.

What kind of watering system do you use in your garden? Is it one of those latest sprinklers or drip systems? Or is it the good old garden hose? No matter how sophisticated the drip system might be, at times you need the garden hose to reach out to certain areas of the garden which are inaccessible by the sprinkler or the drip. The ideal watering system for a garden is the one which has a combination of both these. Most people think that just about any garden hose would suffice and hardly give it a thought before buying one. I have seen people struggling to hold their hose and water the lawn. In fact it looks more like a wrestling match. They pick up a cheap $10 rubber hose from any supermarket and hope that it would last as long as their garden does. But the garden hose is one of the items that you need to be extremely choosy about. Not only should it be durable, it should also be easy to use and store.

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Durability will be determined by the make of the hose. A multi layered garden hose should be your first choice as it is one of the most durable ones. Yes, it will cost you more. But the quality will be totally worth it. Apart from this, the hose should have connectors made of brass. Once again, the cost might go up. But brass is one of the most durable materials made for outdoor living. It very rarely rusts or rots. You might get garden hoses that have cheap connectors but they will easily degrade over a period of time leaving you fuming. Lastly, make sure that your hose has a kink guard. It is this accessory of your hose that will prevent it from kinking when you pull it out of your faucet. Make sure that you buy a hose clamp if you plan to attach it to a bib.  Finding the perfect garden hose hanger is not and does not have to be difficult.


The storage of the hose is an overlooked aspect. Buy a coiled hose that can be easily coiled on to most hose reels. It is an even better option if you buy a hose cart. This will enable you to coil your hose and carry it to all corners of your lawn with ease. You can easily water even the most inaccessible corners of your garden with the hose.

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