Suncast 300' Capacity Steel-Core Garden Hose Reel Cart with Tray And Hose Guide #FWT300If I had to chose the almost perfect garden hose hanger, I just might choose this one.  Now, technically it is a garden hose reel cart, yes, but it is still considered a water hose hanger because after all, it does hold your garden hose, right?  It’s sooooo great if you’ve got a really long hose.  I mean long as in up to 300 feet of garden hose!  Yes, I am not kidding.  This is no joke.  I personally don’t use that much garden hose, but if you do, then you probably will  love this particular model.  It’s got a great handle for you to push it with and extra sturdy wheels make moving this thing a cinch.  Check below for more specifics on this one!

300′ Hose Reel Cart

Keep your yard neat… and your hose in pristine condition! Suncast Hideaway Hose Reel, ON SALE! A great way to keep your hose bright, shiny and slash / puncture free. Much better than leaving it uncoiled in the yard, where anyone could run it over with the lawnmower (who would do that?). And you won’t have to worry about leaks between the hose and the reel, because the patented Easylink system ensures a watertight (more…)