garden hose hangerIf you’re looking to get organized from the outside, a garden hose hanger is going to be a must!  There is an old-fashioned saying that goes something like “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Grandmothers everywhere have handed down those gems of knowledge to younger generations. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have to make an effort to be organized, than arranging for garden furniture storage may prove difficult for you.If so, take heart. Here is how to make garden furniture storage quick and easy:

Do you have a garage or shed? Or perhaps some space in a basement? Figure out the best place for your garden furniture storage and your garden hose hanger Ideally, the location would be easy to access, yet not needed for any other purposes throughout the year. If your garage is being used for storing your car (what a unique idea!), consider finding space in the ceiling of the garage. A handyman can be hired to build a walkway or attic area in your garage, if you don’t already have such a space. Be sure to install very sturdy attic stairs and adequate lighting.

Ask friends and neighbors for help.  Perhaps you have a neighbor with an unused garage. Ask him/her to rent it to you. That way your furniture will be close by if you need it but (hopefully) not costing you much to store it.

If you don’t have or cannot find a suitable space for garden furniture storage, you may want to pay for a storage unit at a separate location.  Since you can usually pay for garden furniture storage on a month-by-month basis, this might be an economical way to keep things in good shape during harsh winter months.

If all of these ideas won’t work for you, consider buying plastic fitted covers for your furniture.   These can sometimes be purchased from the same store where you bought your furniture. Be sure to measure each piece of furniture before order covers, so that each cover fits snugly and won’t blow away.

When organizing your garden furniture storage, think about a logical order in which to place your items. You don’t want to take a watering can that you will still be using once a week and bury it in the back of your storage area, making it hard to locate.

When organizing a garage, shed, basement or other storage location, keep items that may be used occasionally in an easy to access area. Make a list of all smaller items that need stored. Do you have garden tools, shovels, fertilizer bags, mulch, hoses, sprinklers, table umbrellas or any other miscellaneous items that need to be organized? Pull all of these together and organize them before putting your garden furniture into storage. Put hooks and shelves on walls, if possible, to arrange garden tools. Fertilizer and mulch can become odorous over time, so you may want to store these items outside, although you will want to cover them well.

Put a long-lasting label on any item that may either rot or that you might not remember. For example, if you have flower bulbs in a pot ready for spring planting, be sure to label what type they are. Otherwise, in six months you will be looking at the pot trying to remember what bulbs you own.

Clean your furniture before storing it. This is important to any garden furniture storage plan. Garden furniture will last much longer if it is kept clean year-round. Give it an extra good cleaning before storing it, since it will be sitting unused for an extended period of time.

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