Yard Butler HHRP-4 Garden Hose Hanger - Rust Proof

Finally a garden hose hanger that won’t rust!  Now, this is something you might want to invest in for the long term.  Besides that is works for storing lots of other things in addition to water hoses!  Use it to store electrical cords, heavy-duty extension cords, or any other type of hose you can think of.  This garden hose hanger will literally last you FOREVER!  Check it out now!

Storing hoses can be back-breaking, messy work. Yard Butler provides a range of heavy-duty storage solutions for unruly hoses. There is a big difference between a 100 feet of empty garden hose and one filled with water. Our hanger is built to hold the weight. In addition, it also works great for organizing electrical cords, air hoses, or anything else that needs to be coiled for storage.