garden hose hangerIf you’re looking for a garden hose hanger and would also like information about choosing the best garden hose, the first thing you need to determine is the proper length of hose or hoses for your particular yard. To determine this you will need to do some measuring and planning. You don’t want brown patches of lawn in the far corners of the yard because your sprinkler won’t reach or trees that in the heat of summer become stressed due to lack of water.

Next factor is the diameter of hose, keeping in mind that the longer the hose, the lower the end pressure. The larger the diameter the more volume you can move.

If you own a garden hose hanger make sure that it has the capacity to hold your new hose. If you don’t own a hose reel, buy one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. They are the most labour and time efficient garden hose storage method there is.

Hoses can be bought in ½”, 5/8″, and ¾” diameters. For most applications 5/8″ is sufficient unless you have a long way to go to reach some high demand water accessories. Personally, I use a 50′ by 5/8″ hose and a 100′ by ½” hose. I can use them alone or connected together. I have a big yard, good water pressure and a permanent in ground sprinkler system for the lawn. The ½” hose works well in the vegetable garden and fruit trees where I use small sprinklers and soaker hoses in my raised beds.

The quality of the hose you buy will determine how soon you will be replacing it. A cheap plastic single-ply hose with plastic ends will need to replaced every year or so. At the other end of the scale are lifetime hoses that are guaranteed for life. They are eight-ply construction; with heavy-duty brass ends, they stay flexible in cold weather, and yet are remarkably light weight.

One retailer I know has his eight ply buried (permanently) between the beds in his garden. After seven Canadian winters, it is still in perfect shape and he doesn’t even blow the water out in the fall so it is frozen solid for four or five months every year!

When comparing hoses, the length of warranty that a manufacturer offers with their hoses should also be an indication of the quality.  Always choose a garden hose hanger that is going to accomodate the length of your particular water hose.

So to summarize, decide what size of hose you need, compare brands, read the reviews, and order what you feel will work best for your lawn and garden. And make sure you keep your garden hose looking new by storing it on a good garden hose reel.

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