Garden Hose HangerChances are if you a gardener or even if you are not, you’re one day going to realize that you need a garden hose hanger.  Read the article below to find out all about your garden hose storage options.

If you’re a homeowner with a yard, you probably have a garden hose lying coiled somewhere in the yard like a snake waiting to attack.

If you’re like me, you either have tried or inherited various garden hose storage methods. My house came with two very unattractive garden hose holders screwed to the front and back of the house. I mean it when I say they were hideous. It might not have been so bad if some attempt had been made to hide them behind the plants or bushes around the house. But, no, they stood out proudly above everything around them. Okay, I’ll admit they bothered me enough to remove them and let my garden hose coil on the ground. Sadly, that was an improvement!

In the past I’ve also tried those wheeled contraptions that let you unwind and wind up the hose like you’re reeling in a fish. My fun was short-lived, however, because the hose kept getting tangled up somehow. I stopped using it once I realized I was spending more time “managing” the hose than using it.

Today, my two favorite storage methods are the garden hose holder that attaches to my home and the garden hose pot that I can leave in a convenient place. You might think I would have avoided the attached garden hose holder after my previous horror story. However, my horror was directed toward the appearance of the ones that came with my house, not the general idea. Since most outdoor water faucets are connected to your house, it makes sense to have your hose close by. You have to admit that an attractive hose holder, like a Victorian-themed one, can make a world of difference! There are many styles available today and you can choose hose holders that best fit with your home and garden decor theme.

The garden hose pot sits on the ground, so you can easily place it near a bush that can partially hide it if you prefer. However, if you choose one that goes well with your garden decor there is little need to hide it. There are many hose pots available, but be sure to choose one that fits your needs as well as your garden decor. A garden hose pot should have a sturdy center post to keep the hose properly coiled and a large enough hole at the base to run the hose through for easy attachment to the faucet. This allows you to place the hose pot farther away from the faucet and closer to the area where you will use it. Don’t forget that the run of hose from the hose pot to the faucet will be visible unless you can hide it with surrounding plants. Make sure that any garden hose pot you are considering can easily hold the full length of your garden hose. An overfilled hose pot is not going to be adding to your curb appeal or your convenience when trying to store your garden hose.

Whether you prefer the garden hose holder or hose pot, be sure to select one that complements your outdoor decor and adds curb appeal.

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