IMPERIAL 95996 AIR HOSE REEL 3/8Hey, this isn’t exactly your average garden hose hanger, we realize that.  But it might be something that you may possibly need if you use any kind of air hose, say for a power or pressure washer or anything similar to that.  It comes with a rubber hose and it can be used as a water hose as well, so this in fact may be something that you could use.  It can be mounted on the wall or even the ceiling–just don’t ask us why anyone would need to have a water hose storage unit mounted on the ceiling because we certainly have no idea!  This thing is made out of heavy duty steel and includes a three foot inlet feeder hose.  If you of course, are looking for a real garden hose hanger, then check out some of our other posts where you’ll find just that!  Happy gardening to you!


Size: 3/8″x25′
Heavy-duty all-steel construction.
Includes a 3 foot inlet feeder hose.
Valve assembly handles up to 250 psi.
Perfect for mounting on a wall, floor, or ceiling.
Includes: rubber hose.
Use with air or water.