Ames True Temper Decorative Free Standing Metal Faucet Extender With Brass Fittings #2392300

Yep, you’re probably wondering, “Wait! What is this thing? Is this a garden hose hanger?”  Uh, well, we have to be honest with you here on this one, as we always are.  The answer is, “No, it isn’t.”  It is not a gadget to store your water hose, but being that you are probably interested in all things having to do with gardening and yard work, etc.  we figured you just might be interested in this little dohicky (is that a word?) 

Anyway, there’s no obligation of course, we just like to change things up a bit every once in awhile and offer a different variety of products.  This faucet extender is made with some real heavy duty materials, so we think it’s well worth the money if you do decide this is something you need.  Read more below to get the specifics as far as how tall this thing is and other exciting details like that!

The Ames True Temper freestanding metal hose hanger with a faucet extender has a decorative style and finish for the outside of your house. The hose hangs is easy to install and comes with a spike. The item has a rust-resistant finish.


Decorative paint finish.
Puts faucet in most convenient location.
Solid brass fittings.
All metal construction.
Fully assembled and ready to install.
Includes ea (more…)