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Watering Hose Pot, Resin – Black Granite

Watering Hose Pot, Resin - Black Granite

Side hose-entry allows hose to remain attached to faucet when stored. Use with hose hole plug to make an attractive planter. A water drainage channel on container bottom assures proper drainage. Terra Cotta color.


Hose Pot with Matching Watering Can Floral Design

Whimsical flowers make this metal hose pot and matching watering can a cheerful pair. The hammered copper finish gives it character. Hose pot has a center post to keep hose neatly coiled and drainage holes to keep it dry. Sprinkler head on the watering can gives even your most delicate plants a gentle shower.


CobraCo HHCIRN-S Copper Cylinder Hose Holder

Do you have difficulty coiling and uncoiling your garden hose? This sleek, slim hose holder can help you do it with ease. This product holds a garden hose up to 150 feet in length. Drain holes are on the bottom so leftover water from a hose won’t fill up this holder. Its powder-coated copper finish with green patina will attract lots of attention. Place it on your deck or patio or even in your garden for decoration and ease of use.


Container Gardening: 250 Design Ideas & Step-By-Step Techniques

For people who dont have space or time for traditional gardening and who need expert advice on choosing and using plants and containers to create their own container garden, large or small. At long last, a smart and sensible gardening guide from the most trusted name in gardening. Compiled from the pages of Fine Gardening magazine, Container Gardening will inspire readers with dramatic plant combinations as well as provide step-by-step techniques to plant and care for containers (more…)

Bird-Embossed Hose Holder

Bird-Embossed Hose Holder

CobraCo hose holders are a brilliant solution for obscuring hoses in a decorative fashion. The hose holders hold up to 150 ft. of hose, with convenient drain holes situated at the base of the holder. Each holder has a fresh copper finish treated with green patina. The CobraCo Embossed Bird Hose Holder holds a garden hose up to 150 feet in length. Drain holes are on the bottom so leftover water from a hose won’t fill up this holder. Having a powder-coated copper finish with green (more…)

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