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Copper Garden Hose Pot

Copper Garden Hose Pot

CobraCo hose holders are a brilliant solution for obscuring hoses in a decorative fashion. The hose holders hold up to 150 ft. of hose, with convenient drain holes situated at the base of the holder. Each holder has a fresh copper finish treated with green patina. The CobraCo Copper Hose Holder holds a garden hose up to 150 feet in length. Drain holes are on the bottom so leftover water from a hose won’t fill up this holder. The design is definitely an eye-catcher with its powde (more…)

Panacea Products Classic Finial Hose Hanger, Black

This garden hose hanger has three metal rods behind the finial adornment that create a place to wrap your garden hose, to keep it off your lawn. Mounting hardware is included, allowing for easy installation. The Finial design adds flair to the piece.


Suncast Resin Garden Hose Guide Spike, Green/Black #HS102

Garden and flower bed protector. Reel style guide made from durable, rust resistant plastic to prevent accidental damage to plants by the garden hose. If 25 are ordered they will come in a cut case display box.


Akro-Mils 93021BKGRAN Garden Hose Pot & Planter

A cool little garden hose pot that will keep your garden hose neat and tidy!  It’s like a grayish color and blends in well with the surrounding areas of your yard, almost like a big rock just sitting there! Oh, and did we mention that this baby can be used for a planter as well?  So, if you ever outgrow it, get a new garden hose hanger or something, you can still use it to plant some pretty flowers in – talk about functional!  We love it! Read the rest of this entry

Ames True Temper Decorative Free Standing Metal Faucet Extender With Brass Fittings #2392300

Yep, you’re probably wondering, “Wait! What is this thing? Is this a garden hose hanger?”  Uh, well, we have to be honest with you here on this one, as we always are.  The answer is, “No, it isn’t.”  It is not a gadget to store your water hose, but being that you are probably interested in all things having to do with gardening and yard work, etc.  we figured you just might be interested in this little dohicky (is that a word?)  Read the rest of this entry