Plastair SpringHose PUW625B93OT-AMZ 25-Foot 3/8-Inch Polyurethane Coil Garden Hose - BlueGarden hose hanger, this is certainly not…..we know, we know!  But it is an awesome coiled garden hose that would look great on your garden hose hanger!  Coiled garden hoses are all the rage these days.  Why, you ask?  Well, let’s think about this for a minute or two, okay?  What is the most annoying thing about your boring old green garden hose?  The fact that it kinks up, right?  Right!  It’s so frustrating when you have to go long distances with that thing and around corners only to find out that there’s a kink somewhere stopping your flow of water.  Well, this little blue baby solves all of that.  It’s coiled and is practically impossible to get a kink in the thing.  So, seriously, think about buying this cool hose soon for your next garden watering project or whatever else it is that you do with a water hose!

The Plastair SpringHose PUW625B93OT-AMZ is a polyurethane coiled water hose that is extremely flexible, lightweight, compact, UV resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. A great alternative to standard rubber & PVC water hoses for use in lawn & garden, marine, and RVs. Eliminates the use of a hose reel. 25-Foot, 3/8-Inch.