Plastair SpringJet PUJ225B93OT-AMZ 25-Foot 3/8-Inch Coil Garden Hose Wand Set - Blue

Garden Hose Hanger this is certainly not, but it might be just the thing you need to put on one, right?  A coiled garden hose is perfect and in my opinion, as I’ve said before, the best thing since sliced bread!  They don’t kink for one thing and they are just so cool looking secondly!  I know, I know cool looking doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to choosing a water hose.  I hear ya loud and clear, but it’s just my little old opinion, okay?  So, when you are considering what type of garden hose storage you might need, consider also the type of garden hose that you have or want.

This polyurethane coiled water hose is extremely flexible, lightweight, compact, UV resistant and comes with a 5-year warranty. The set includes a 20-inch watering wand with an adjustible nozzle from a fine mist to stream, as well as a faucet-to-sink adapter. Most suitable for indoor/outdoor home & garden watering and greenhouses. Eliminates the need of refilling the watering can