Plastair SpringJet PUJ250B93OT-AMZ 50-Foot 3/8-Inch Coil Garden Hose Wand Set - Blue

Looking for a great blue coil garden hose?  Look no further.  This might be the one for you to hang on your garden hose hanger!  Check out the details below…ya never know.  Coiled garden hoses are great because of course, they don’t kink and finding a garden hose that doesn’t kink is a task all in itself.  This one is really cool because it has this cool little wand and spray trigger that is very lightweight and easy to use.  Your hand will never be sore using this garden hose!

Why waste time filling up a watering can to water your houseplants when you can easily bring water straight from the faucet? A few quick twists onto a nearby interior faucet and the watering can begin. The 50-foot-long SpringJet is a coiled 1/4-inch hose made of extremely flexible, lightweight material. Merely attach the SpringJet to a water source with the included faucet-to-sink adapter, trek to your preferred garden or planting area, and water away with the (more…)