Strathwood Copper-Finish Hose PotLooking for a unique garden hose hanger?  Yeah, we figured you might be.  So, we found this one…It’s made of a beautiful copper and really does get the job done when it comes to keeping that darn garden hose neat, tidy, and free from tangles!  There’s nothing I hate more than a tangled water hose.  This pretty thing makes storing your hose a cinch and it really does look great outside on the lawn, too.  It’s almost like a pretty little piece of art for your outdoor living area.  To get a closer look, just click on the picture itself over there to the left and you’ll get all the details!  Talk soon!

How to keep a long, tangled garden hose clean and tidy is solved with Strathwood’s hose bucket. One not only wants the hose neat and tidy, but its container should also be attractive, as well as a complement to outdoor furnishings. This gorgeous bucket handmade by skilled artisans in India fits the bill. Crafted of copper, the bucket ages to a warm golden patina, giving it a more weathered, antique appeal. Three bottom drainage holes allow water to fall through so the (more…)