Suncast HHC150 Garden Hose Hanger with Storage Cabinet And 150-Foot-Hose Capacity

This garden hose hanger is considered to be a deluxe one because it has an enclosed storage cabinet to hide all those little garden hose accessories.  It makes for a great little extra bonus as opposed to the water hose hangers that don’t have any extra storage features.  This hanger goes perfect with any type of housing such as vinyl siding, wood, etc.  It has a grayish finish making it look great with just about any color house.

Deluxe Hose Hanger Cabinet

Deluxe Hosehangout has an enclosed storage compartment that keeps contents protected and ready to use. Durable, rustproof construction. Mounting screws are included. Holds 150′ of 5 8″ hose.


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