Ever wondered exactly which garden hose hanger is right for you?  Read on to find out how to decide….

One of the most overlooked areas in your yard has to be the garden hose. If you are like most folks, the hose just lays out in the yard. Then, when you go to use it to water the garden, wash the car, etc, it inevitably gets kinked and tangled up, leaving you frustrated and angry. We’ve all been there. So, what is the answer? Simple, a garden hose reel is the perfect solution.

Whether you have a 50 foot hose or a 200 foot garden hose, keeping it in place with a garden hose reel is the only answer. Not only will it keep it wound nicely, but it also protects it from being run over or damaged. It also helps provide safety for your family by preventing accidents. You won’t have to be concerned about the kids tripping over it or getting their tangled up in it.

A garden hose hanger are available in all different types and price ranges. You can find reels that mount on the side of the house or come in the form of a cart. Others can be found in their own storage container. It all depends on your budget and your taste.

You can find all the different types by doing a search online or going to your nearest Home Depot or other home and garden store. A company online that sells all different types of hose reels is called MyReels. They specialize in the needs of gardeners and landscappers everywhere. They also have the one of the largest selections of garden hose accessories around.

One of my favorite reels is actually a complete gardening station. It comes complete with a sink, hose reel, storage area and flat table for setting down plants, potting soil, etc. It makes for a great outdoor convenience for sure.

So, don’t let that garden hose sit on the ground any longer. Get yourself a nice garden hose reel and end the frustration of kinked hoses and a messy landscape.

Author: Terry Edwards
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
Garden Hose Hanger

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