Yard Butler Free Standing Garden Hose Hanger with Faucet #HCF-3

A garden hose hanger has got to be able to work for you, not the other way around and this one is perfect from that point of view.  You can literally put it anywhere your heart desires.  It doesn’t have to be mounted to the wall or wheeled around somewhere.  It’s made of some heavy duty steel, so you know it’s gonna be a keeper through all kind of weather.  You can stick in out in the garden or field somewhere, anywhere you like and it’ll stay put, no fuss at all.  Check it out!

Deliver water and store your hose in any handy location. Great for gardens, planting beds, stables or anywhere else hoses are frequently used.

Store your hose where you want it, away from walls, in the most convenient location. Made of heavy duty steel. Model No. HCF 3 has a brass hose bibb which is adaptable to both PVC and hose fittings. No. HC 2: Hose hanger No. HCF 3: Hose hanger with hose f